Technology Committee


The Mission of the MASS Technology Committee is “To enhance the capacity of all superintendents in Massachusetts to use technology for the purpose of advancing high student achievement, operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Mission Declarations

Our mission is to:
Promote leadership in technology by demonstrated best practice (research).
Generate political advocacy for technology funding in schools.
Impact technology through uses of district and state level contracts.
Serve as a voice for MASS and to the Executive Director.
Recommend standards for basic technology to MSBA.
Recommend technology as a Chapter 70 formula variable.
Serve as a liaison to the MASS Prof. Dev. Committee.
Serve as a “think tank” for Mass technology.
Promote technology for teaching and learning.
Focus on technology and the superintendency.
Support superintendents in the role of technology communicator.

Belief Statements

We believe educational technology:
Is necessary to manage information.
Is important to education programming.
Is an instructional tool to enhance learning.
Is a critical knowledge base for students.
Is essential for organizational capacity.
Is essential for superintendent leadership qualities.

Is not a substitute for good teaching.
Is to be included in professional development for successful leadership.
Is rapidly changing and not standardized.
Has the potential to transform “What We Do”.
Needs a “Best Practices” database.
Provides greater equity for all involved.
Can not be ignored.
Challenges social norms.
Must keep pace with the business world, higher education, and industry.
Must succeed with staff before students.
Must sell/influence generations who didn’t have technology.
Allows students to share teaching moments for the school.
Must have state support- financially and programmatically.
Must have financial support that is reliable and predictive.

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