Executive Institute Agenda 2019

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Monday, July 8

8:30am -2:30pm Urban Superintendents Network Retreat Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Ballroom 1
  Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tyrone Howard, Professor and Dean at UCLA  
  Sponsors: Renaissance, HMH, Edgenuity, McGraw Hill, Internet Essentials, & AlphaBest  
9:00am Pre-Conference “Hack and Hope” Golf Event Cape Cod Country Club, Falmouth
  Pre-Conference Luncheon  
  Event Director: Michael Fitzpatrick  
  Sponsored by: Mosse and Mosse  
9:00am – 3:30pm New Superintendents Induction Program     Ballroom 2
  We welcome the tenth Cohort of superintendents to The New Superintendents Induction Program. This program is a partnership between M.A.S.S. and DESE with the goal of building a common approach to the work of superintendents in Massachusetts.  The program prioritizes instructional leadership, strategy development and execution, building strong leadership teams and working closely with and empowering principals and staff.  
12:00pm – 4:00pm Sponsor and Vendor Setup Mashpee High School – Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Coordinators: Bill Erickson and Midge Frieswyk             
1:30pm – 5:00 pm PRE-CONFERENCE SESSION I  (Pre-Scheduled appointments) Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Nauset V
  Legal Tutorials with Attorney Michael Long and/or Attorney Rosann DiPietro ~ A registration form has been emailed. School Legal Issues.  This is an opportunity to meet with M.A.S.S. Legal Counsel Michael or Rosann on issues of relevance to you and/or your district.  
1:30pm – 5:00pm PRE-CONFERENCE SESSION II  (Pre-Scheduled appointments) Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Monomoy Room
  Presenters: Roger Hatch, former Administrator of School Finance with 27 years at DESE finance and operations;  Bradford Jackson, current superintendent in Holliston and M.A.S.S.  President, will be available for 15 minute one-on-one conversations. The format will provide  time to walk through your school district’s budget trends and/or discuss fiscal challenges you  
3:00pm – 4:00pm Rural Superintendents Caucus Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Chatham Room
  Meeting participants will address some of the issues, concerns and priorities for the Rural School District leaders with suggested follow up.  
  Facilitator: Michael A. Buonoconti, Rural Coalition, CH                 
4:00pm – 6:00pm Conference Registration at Sea Crest Beach Hotel       Sea Crest Beach Hotel
  Conference participants are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient on-site registration opportunity.  A reduction in subsequent Mashpee High School based registrations will occur and improve the organization’s ability to commence the Wednesday morning conference activities in a timely manner.  
6:00pm – 8:30pm Barbecue – A Family Event                Sea Crest Beach Hotel- Ocean View Room
  Welcome: John Doherty, Chair, M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee               
  Sponsored by: AlphaBest, McGraw Hill, Merrimack College, Stoneman, Chandler and Miller LLP, Renaissance, & The Abbey Group  
  Facilitator: Michael Malone, Former Superintendent  

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

7:30am – 3:30pm Please Visit with exhibitors ~ we will have the return of Duck Bingo this year! Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute along with offsetting costs for speakers, lunches and breakfasts. Let’s support them!  
7:45am – 8:30am Breakfast with Sponsors     Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Sponsored by: Kaestle Boos  
8:00am – 8:30am Registration          Lobby Mashpee High School
8:30am – 9:00am Opening Comments Auditorium
  Mashpee Elementary Chorus Host: Patricia DeBoer, Mashpee Superintendent of Schools Brad Jackson, President – M.A.S.S. Thomas Scott, Executive Director – M.A.S.S. Introduction of Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents new to their districts John Doherty, Chair – M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee  
8:30am – 2:30pm MTRS Pre-Scheduled Interviews for Retirement: Direction and Assistance  
  Coordinator: Christine McGrath, M.A.S.S. Director of Operations  
  NOTE: Participants are reminded to confirm individual appointment times posted near the registration desk. We are very fortunate to have MTRS staff with us. Individuals are responsible for any changes in the pre-scheduled appointments. Room B113, Room B114, Room B115
9:00am – 9:30am Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeff Riley       Auditorium
9:30 am – 10:30am GENERAL SESSION 1 ~ Sponsored by HMH     Auditorium
  Introduction: John Doherty, Chair, M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee  
  Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tyrone Howard, Professor and Dean at UCLA  
10:30am – 11:00am Break      Please take some time to visit with sponsors.  
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute along with offsetting costs for speakers, lunches and breakfast. Let’s support them! Gymnasium/Cafeteria
11:00am – 12:30pm Brent Frey, the Director of US Education at Apple Computer Auditorium
  Sponsored by APPLE  
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch and Time for Visit with Exhibitors        Cafeteria/Gymnasium
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute along with offsetting costs for speakers, lunches and breakfast. Let’s support them!  
  Sponsored by:  Horace Mann  
(attend one) Wells Financial Partners                                                                                                     Room E209
  Investment Portfolio Construction  
  We’re in the late innings of a historically long bull market in equities. We’ll explore the prospects for it continuing (or not) and describe a strategy for positioning a mutual fund portfolio to deal with the uncertainty.  Bring your best mutual fund ideas and we’ll look at them together. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what you should look for in your own portfolios. 

Wells Financial Partners, LLC An Independent Financial Consulting Firm www.wellsfinancialpartners.com Securities and Advisory Services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixed Insurance products and services offered by Wells Financial Partners, LLC are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.  
  Presenters:  Richard P. Beebe, CFP® and Stanley J. Steinberg, CFP®, Wells Financial Partners  
  Facilitator: Mike Malone  
  Materials Matter – Project CURATE Room B118
  CURATE is a new project of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education designed to support districts in identifying high-quality instructional materials available for adoption. Panels of CURATE fellows (all current MA teachers) are presently analyzing evidence of various curricula’s alignment to MA standards and usability for teachers. The resulting reports will indicate which curricula meet, partially meet, or do not meet expectations. The first reports should be complete in late June, making the M.A.S.S. Executive Institute the ideal forum to announce their release and help district leaders think about how to use them.  
  Presenters: Ron Noble, DESE, Associate Commissioner: Rachel Bradshaw, DESE, Manager of Instructional Policy  
  Facilitator: Hope Hanscom  
  Implementing SEL – Lessons Learned  Room B119
  In the four school districts in which I have served as superintendent over 26 years, social emotional learning has been pivotal in improving school climate, students’ academic performance and connection to school, and teachers’ morale. Creating an effective SEL environment requires planning, professional development and significant staff time. It demands clarity of vision and focused attention by district and school leadership. Over that time, I’ve learned important lessons about fostering the success of SEL. Building on the experiences of all those attending this session, we will discuss factors that make a significant contribution to successful SEL implementation.  
  Presenter: Sheldon Berman, Superintendent, Andover Public Schools  
  Facilitator: Michael Fitzpatrick  
  Educational Administrator or Crisis Intervention? Disrupting the paradigm shift Room B125
  The opioid epidemic, suicide ideation and behaviors related to trauma, fragility, food and economic insecurity, anxiety, and depression are consuming schools.  The current narrative asks schools to mitigate adverse behavioral health of students by developing and implementing broad programming, curriculum and policies immersed in cognitive behavioral approaches designed to build resilience and develop strategies in students that will enable them to succeed despite adverse structural conditions. How can educational leaders disrupt this paradigm shift imposed on schools and truly disrupt the narrative of ‘failing schools’ and expose the responsibility gaps? Presented by veteran high school principal and author of “The Educationalization of Student Emotional and Behavioral Health: Alternative Truth”, 2018, Palgrave Macmillon.  
  Presenters: Teresa Sullivan, Ph.D., Principal, Abington High School  
  Facilitators: Dympna Thomas  
  Close Achievement Gaps for Special Education, Minority, and Low Income Students Room B127
  In this workshop, you will learn how to close achievement gaps for special education, minority, low-income students, and raise achievement for ALL students. Former Lexington superintendent, Dr. Paul Ash, will discuss how you can apply sixteen proven and practical strategies from national and international schools that have closed achievement gaps and how the Lexington Public Schools closed achievement gaps for 100% of all grade 10 students (ELA, in 2013 through 2015).  
  Presenter: Paul B. Ash, former Lexington Superintendent of Schools  
  Facilitator: Bonny Gifford  
  Safety Assessment Teams: Why you need more than Crisis Response Teams and ALICE Room E110
  Learn from a panel of practitioners on how a group of Massachusetts districts leveraged their in-district capacity to keep potential violence from becoming real by establishing a Safety Assessment Team and implementing a formal framework of student threat assessment and intervention. Schools need to think deeply and strategically about how to reach their most troubled students and establish a rigorous process of asking questions, gathering crucial information, and fine-tuning interventions is one of their best tools.  Essential questions include: How can we manage threat in a time of social media and other digital technologies? What Community resources and partnerships are needed when addressing behavioral health emergencies and potentially threatening situations?  
  Presenters: Reps from Hopkinton, Canton, Walpole  
  Facilitator: Meredith Cargill  
  Increasing Engagement through Student Voice and Choice       Room B225
  At the heart of personalized learning is student voice and choice in their own learning as they also strive toward proficiency as outlined in standards. In this session, participants will learn how Melrose educators are implementing instructional strategies that support increasing student engagement by providing for student choice and voice. Examples of instructional strategies shared will include digital portfolios, exhibitions, learning menus, project-based learning, performance tasks, retest and revision policies, and sharing clear expectations with students. Participants will explore resources, examples, and tools that support the instructional strategies while considering next steps for implementation in their own setting.  
  Presenters: Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent, Joshua Cristiano, Academic Facilitator, Meghan Lewis, Fourth Grade Teacher, Kim Talbot, Director of Global Languages, Art, Music, Melrose Public Schools  
  Facilitator: Cyndy Taymore  
  Transforming Student and Family Supports: Building a Family Success Partnership (FSP) Room B229
  This session will highlight the work of the superintendents and executive directors of Assabet Valley Collaborative and READS Collaborative to build Family Success Partnerships. FSP Counselors will share how they support students, and the districts who educate them, by addressing the critical and holistic needs of students whose families facing emerging or chronic crises.  FSP  counselors provide support directly to the families first, then work to fill gaps, meet unmet needs, and help students access learning in the least restrictive environment. Please join us to learn how you can replicate this model to improve outcomes for students and their families in your district.  
  Presenters: Dr. Cathy Cummins, Executive Director of Assabet Valley Collaborative (AVC); Dr. Robert Gerardi, Maynard Superintendent, AVC Board Member: Kenia Franjul, FSP Counselor, AVC; Nancy Ahrabi-Nejad, Director of Consultation Services, AVC; Dr. Theresa Craig, Executive Director of READS Collaborative  
  Facilitator: Lori Gallivan  
  Strengthening Relational Trust and SEL in the Adult Community in Schools Room A126
  Leading Together is an approach to school leadership inspired by the work of Parker J. Palmer (The Courage to Teach 1998, 2018) and developed for the national Center for Courage & Renewal.  This approach to strengthening relational trust in schools draws from the fields of SEL, neuroscience, mindfulness and the arts.  The panel will present research on relational trust, engage participants in a reflective practice and discuss the experience of the Danvers and Northampton school districts using Leading Together to enhance SEL in their adult communities and to build equitable, inclusive and sustainable school cultures that support opportunities for all students.  
  Presenters: Lisa Dana, Superintendent, Danvers; John Provost, Superintendent, Northampton; Pamela Seigle, Executive Director, Center for Courage & Renewal Northeast, Wellesley College
Facilitator: Lisa Dana
  Leveraging DESE’s Revised Model Superintendent Rubric and New Resources to Bring Greater Focus to Your School Committee’s Work Room E211
  More than a dozen superintendents, school committee members, principals, and teachers collaborated this year with DESE staff to refine the Model Rubric for Superintendents and develop new resource guides and best practice case studies designed to help superintendents and school committees make superintendent evaluation more meaningful and practical. Through video and new resources, participating superintendents will share insights about working with your school committee to focus the evaluation process in a manner that strengthens and reinforces excellent teaching and learning for all students.  
  Presenters: Claire Abbott, DESE, Manager PK12 Educator Effectiveness (lead presenter); Karla Baehr, NSIP Coach & Teacher; 3 guest superintendents (TBD)  
  Facilitator: John Doherty  
  HTSS—Developing a Tiered System of Social Emotional Support Room B209
  The Hingham Public Schools has embarked on a multi-year initiative to develop a district-wide tiered system of social-emotional support.  In partnership with the lab of Dr. Jennifer Green of Boston University and with funding from the Hingham Education Foundation, we surveyed all community stakeholders (parents, students, faculty) to assess existing social-emotional needs and completed an inventory of existing services.  With assistance from the HTSS Social-Emotional Task Force, composed of administrators, educators, parents, medical and mental health practitioners, a multi-year plan for program implementation was crafted.  New programs, including the “Toolbox” social-emotional curriculum, are currently in pilot phase and will be scaled across the district in 2019-2020.  
  Presenters: Dr. Jamie LaBillois, Assistant Superintendent. Hingham Public Schools Heather Rodriguez, K-12 Director of School Counseling, Hingham Public Schools  
  Facilitator: Jamie LaBillois  
  Developing Safe and Supportive Learning Environments: Learning from Leaders Room A209
  The Department (DESE) aims to promote systems and strategies that foster safe, positive, healthy, culturally competent and inclusive learning environments that address students’ varied needs and improve educational outcomes for all.  District and school leaders play a pivotal role in the efficacy of efforts to create safe and supportive cultures. District/school representatives who used the Safe and Supportive Schools self-reflection tool as a resource will share strategies and lessons learned in efforts to mobilize school teams to reflect on strengths and challenges, identify priority areas to address, create and implement action plans, and assess the impact to inform next steps.  
  Presenters: Melissa Maguire, Director of Student Services, Monomoy Regl School District, Rachelle Engler Bennett, Associate Commissioner, Student and Family Support and Emily Taylor, Early Learning and Safe and Supportive School Specialist  
  Facilitator: Patricia DeBoer  
  Educator Licensure Procedures and Regulations Room B222
  A session on Educator Licensure will be conducted by Brian Devine, Director of the Department’s Office of Educator Licensure. “Touching on all things licensure”, including ensuring districts are aware of the supports in place for them (hotline, expedites and licensure drop box), upcoming policy changes for additional waivers and demonstrating continuous progress, full implementation of the June 2017 regulations (take full effect on 7/1/19) as well as the new Bilingual Education Endorsement while leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion. Brian has been with the Department since 1997 and has been the Director of Educator Licensure since 2004. He is a Past President and current Executive Board member of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and and is a two-time team recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service.  
  Presenter: Brian Devine, Director Office of Educator Licensure, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  
  Facilitator: Paul Andrews  
  Student Data Privacy, a Cornerstone of Transformation: How addressing privacy concerns will support the continued success in Massachusetts districts Room
  Transformation in today’s classrooms is built upon leveraging technology to support teaching and learning. Utilizing new tools without properly addressing privacy concerns may expose students and districts to unnecessary risks. Understanding and addressing privacy requirements in today’s world of online tools can be complex and require many resources. This session will lay a foundation of student data privacy requirements and issues present in today’s innovative learning environments. At the same time, realistic options to address these complex issues will be offered. Learn from both National and State privacy experts, Steve Smith, the CIO of Cambridge Public Schools and founder of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, Erik Erickson, the Director of Innovative Learning Services at The Education Cooperative, as well as other Massachusetts district Superintendents that have addressed these issues head-on and are sharing their practices, resources, and tools with all Massachusetts districts.  The session is supported and promoted by MassCUE.  
  Presenters: Steve Smith, the CIO of Cambridge Public Schools and founder of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, Erik Erickson, the Director of Innovative Learning Services at The Education Cooperative  
  Facilitator: Allan Cameron  
2:45pm – 4:00pm Breakout Sessions  
  MARS/MAVA Roundtable                                                                                                                                 Room B209
  Representatives of two well established professional organizations will gather to discuss matters of mutual interest. The respective Executive Directors of each will review potential annual meeting calendars, agenda priorities and strategies for advancing quality education initiatives. The mutual interaction fosters and compliments the work of M.A.S.S.  
  Moderators: Maureen Marshall, MARS Executive Director, Christine Johnson, MARS Assistant Director, Kevin Farr, MAVA Executive Director                

Moderators: Maureen Marshall, MARS Executive Director, Christine Johnson, MARS Assistant Director, Kevin Farr, MAVA Executive Director
  Seminar for Aspiring Superintendents Room B125
  This is the introductory session of a three part Seminar.  This session will address the many rolls of the superintendent and the importance of core value when applying for the position.  The session will also include information about the New Superintendents Induction Program and other support services provided through M.A.S.S. The two additional sessions will take place in the Fall.  
  Presenters: Thomas Scott, Executive Director M.A.S.S., Irwin Blumer, Retired Professor Boston College and Former Superintendent of the Newton Public Schools, Joan Connolly, Administrator, New Superintendents Induction Program, Christine L. McGrath, Director of Operations, M.A.S.S.  
  Facilitator: Christine McGrath, Director of Operations, M.A.S.S.  
5:30pm – 6:45pm Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Reception for Conference Attendees and Partners Sea Crest Beach Hotel – Ocean View Room
  Sponsored By: Renaissance, Insight Workforce, Whitsons, & eDynamic Learning  

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

7:30am – 3:30pm Please Visit with exhibitors ~ we will have the return of Duck Bingo this year! Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute along with offsetting costs for speakers, lunches and breakfasts. Let’s support them!  
7:30am – 8:30am DESE Tiered Focus Monitoring Room E209
  Facilitator: Chris McGrath  
7:45am – 8:30am Breakfast with Sponsors     Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Sponsored by: ESS  
8:00am – 8:30am Registration          Lobby Mashpee High School
8:15am – 8:45am Opening Comments    John Doherty, Chair, M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee Auditorium
8:30am – 2:30pm MTRS Pre-Scheduled Interviews for Retirement Reminder      Room B114 Room B115
  Coordinator: Christine McGrath, M.A.S.S. Director of Operations  
8:45am – 10:15am GENERAL SESSION 2 ~ Sponsored by Check Point Auditorium
  Introduction: John Doherty, Chair, M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee  
  Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adolph Brown, President and CEO of the Business and Education Leadership Authority    
10:15am – 10:30am Photo Shoot  
10:30am – 11:00am Break Refreshments – Visit with Sponsors          
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute along with offsetting costs for speakers, lunches and breakfasts. Let’s support them!  
11:00am – 12:15pm GENERAL SESSION 3 ~  Sponsored by TEQ  
  Legal Overview and Update   
  This session will cover various arbitration and legal court decisions that have been made over the past year.  
  Presenters: M.A.S.S. Legal Counsel Attorney Michael Long and Attorney Rosann DiPietro  
12:15pm – 12:30pm Presentation – Christos Daoulas Award         Auditorium
  Introduction: Tom Scott, Executive Director, M.A.S.S.  
  This award was established in 1997 by the Professional Development Committee, to  honor Dr. Christos Daoulas, then the longest serving Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts, who made a difference in the lives of thousands of students. The award recognizes outstanding service to M.A.S.S. and particularly an effective communicator within the role of the superintendents.  
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch and Time for Visit with Sponsors Gymnasium/Cafeteria
  Our sponsors are an essential part of the Social Events during our Executive Institute.  Let’s support them!  
  Sponsored by: Mind Research  
12:30pm – 1:30pm New Superintendents Luncheon RoomE101
  Lunch will be served in Room E101  
  Facilitator: Tom Scott, Executive Director, M.A.S.S.  
1:30pm – 2:45pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS Room E211
(attend one) A Conversation with/for Assistant Superintendent ~ Welcoming New Assistant Superintendents  
  This will be the seventh year that MASS offers a workshop targeted exclusively for assistant superintendents.  The role of the assistant superintendent varies among school districts in Massachusetts.  What is common, however, is the responsibility of being “the second,” that person to whom the superintendent can turn, and from whom can expect support and follow-through.  This workshop will focus on the dimensions of leadership and explore ways that assistant superintendents support their “boss” and do it in a way that allows the assistant to flourish as well.  Much of the agenda for the meeting will be organic in nature, emerging from the experiences and interests of the participants. For the attendees who would like to continue leadership discussions during the academic year, MASS offers the Assistant Superintendent Leadership Seminars (ASLS I).  Dr. Bent (former superintendent in Shrewsbury) and Dr. Christine Francis (former elementary principal in Belmont and assistant superintendent in Westford) will facilitate that program. Additional enrollment information will be forthcoming from MASS. (www.massupt.org/aslslearns is the program’s website that includes details about the program.)  
  Presenters: Dr. Judy Neville, Former Assistant Superintendent in several districts, Dr. Anthony Bent, M.A.S.S. And former Superintendent in four school districts and Dr.Christine Francis, M.A.S.S. and former assistant  superintendent in Westford  
  Facilitator: Tony Bent  
  Closing the Achievement Gap with SEL in 3D                Room E110
  Is your Social Emotional Learning Model framed in equity of opportunity? Healthy schools are characterized by strong, safe and vibrant climates built on principles of equity and tiered supports. Developing and implementing a framework for social-emotional learning must be a purposeful endeavor – it doesn’t just happen. Articulate and employ a system that insures that whole school climate – DYNAMICS, at-risk subgroups – DISENFRANCHISED, and students in crisis – DISTRESSED, are all supported and protected. The 3D Model is grounded in social justice theory and structured clinical intervention. Presented by a 2018 National Blue Ribbon Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing school.  
  Presenters: Teresa Sullivan, Ph.D. Principal, Abington High School, Laura Louko, M.Ed. Assistant Principal, Abington High School
Facilitator: Dympna Thomas  
  Bridging High-Expertise Teaching and High-Impact Leadership: Developing and Supervising the Principal’s Work with Teachers Room B125
  This presentation will focus on the supervision and developmentfrom the central office of principals’ instructional leadership skills.  These are the skills and practices that develop high leverage teaching practices across schools. Proven practical strategies and tools will be shared to assess and grow the principal’s skill set and emotional courage to push past mediocre school performance, lead with a sense of purpose and urgency, and help those they lead become better at what they do.  Given the need for the “right” leaders to do the “right” work, improving the leadership of principals becomes a major focus of the work of the superintendent and central office leaders.  
  Presenters: Jon Saphier – CEO Research for Better Teaching, Pia Durkin – Former MA Superintendent, Scholar-in-Residence Bridgewater State University, Educational Leadership Consultant  
  Facilitator: John Doherty  
  Providing Engaging and Effective Professional Development to School Communities on Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health Room B119
  Teachers are seeking high quality training in social, emotional and behavioral health.  Providing engaging professional development is a key factor in building a school’s capacity to build safe and supportive schools. Over the past four years, The Training and Access Project (TAP), part of the Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnership Program, has facilitated a series of 11 workshops to educators in partnership with Boston Public Schools focused on social, emotional, and behavioral health using a whole child perspective. This workshop will describe a model of professional development that can be adapted across schools settings. It will share sample agendas, topics, and activities along with a needs assessment tool, lessons learned, and outcomes. From these workshops, TAP developed a series of online trainings for educators. Participants will view video clips and engage in small group discussions to model how they can use this online tool in their schools. They will also be able to access the free online workshops to share with their schools and district.  This innovative approach shares best practices, and is free and available to districts across Massachusetts.  
  Presenters: Shella Dennery, PhD, LICSW, Director BCHNP, Molly Jordan, LICSW, Manager TAP Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships A behavioral health program working in 17 Boston Public Schools since 2002.   
  Faciliator: Lori Gallivan  
  Using an Equity Audit as a lever for student and school improvement Room B222
  Districts and superintendents are increasingly under pressure to ensure they are providing an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students.  Two Massachusetts districts recently conducted racial equity audits to understand, review, and assess school and student programs and practices that may hinder supportive learning environments for all students, especially students of color. This workshop will allow participants to:  a) learn what an equity audit can (and cannot do) to help a district understand issues of equity and inclusion, particularly as these issues relate to race; b) discuss how to manage the staff/student/community expectations and communications around an equity audit; c) explore how to use the equity audit to improve student learning and school culture; and d) share ideas and resources related to conducting a successful equity audit, including what to avoid.  
  Presenters: David Lussier, Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools; Dan Gutekanst, Superintendent, Needham Public Schools  
  Facilitator:  Bonny Gifford  
  Educational Collaboratives- Promoting Equity, Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive Practices Room B225
  Inclusive, equity-centered educational practices are critical for all schools committed to meeting the needs of all learners.   Several collaboratives have taken leadership roles in these areas by facilitating professional development – including workshops, seminars, conferences, and professional learning communities, and through providing a range of consulting services including leadership coaching, needs assessments, improvement planning, and other targeted assistance to their regions and statewide. This session will discuss the reasons for building capacity within schools and districts in these critical areas, share highlights of collaboratives’ work with districts, and engage the participants in applying ideas to their districts.  
  Presenters: William Diehl, Executive Director, Collaborative for Educational Services, Cathy Lawson, Executive Director, SEEM Collaborative, Cathy Cummins, Executive Director, Assabet Valley Collaborative, Amy Clouter, Assistant Superintendent & Joseph Sawyer, Superintendent –  Shrewsbury Public Schools  
  Facilitator: Cathy Lawson  
  How to Create Equity for English Language Learners through a Transformative Citywide Early Literacy Initiative Room B127
  Facing high poverty and a diverse, majority-minority population, Fitchburg’s former superintendent, André Ravenelle, developed a transformative collective impact, early literacy model to get students kindergarten-ready and reading proficiently by third grade.  By leveraging the mobile devices that 95% of parents already own, Fitchburg cost-effectively distributes a structured game-based curriculum in English and Spanish and rallies the entire community around literacy. His success has led to a North Central MA Innovation Zone where nine additional districts have adopted this early literacy collective impact model.  This session outlines evidenced-based, innovative practices creating a system of equity for students and families.  
  Presenters: Andre Ravenelle, Executive Director of Teachers21 & Former Fitchburg Superintendent, MaryBeth Hamel, Director of Student Services Ayer Shirley Regional School District, Maribeth Janssens, Director of Community Impact United Way of North Central Massachusetts
Facilitator: Allan Cameron
  Breaking out the Partners: How MassCUE, MASCD, and MSLA can support administrators and Teachers growth in innovative teaching and learning Room A126
  As school districts reflect on the past 25 years, we must also look ahead: what will school look like in 25 years? Building upon the foundation of Massachusetts’ strength as a leader in education nationwide, several non-profit organizations are equipped and ready to support teachers and administrators as they find ways to innovate teaching and learning in their schools. In this session, representatives from MassCUE (masscue.org), MASCD (mascd.org) and MSLA (maschoollibraries.org) will lead a “Breakout EDU”, an “escape room” teaching activity. Our BreakoutEDU will inform school leaders about the mission and offers of each of these innovative and active organizations, dedicated to supporting educators in MA. Join us for an hour of exploration and fun!  
  Presenters: Colleen Terrill, MassCUE Board of Directors and Director of Instructional Technology, Mashpee Public Schools, Suzy Brooks, MASCD President and Director of Instructional Technology, Mashpee Public Schools; Greg Pronevitz, Communications Specialist, Mass. School Library Association (MSLA)  
  Facilitator: Hope Hanscom  
  Developing Student Leaders – The Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility Room B229
  In Medford, Massachusetts we have created an SEL program where K-12 students learn to be responsible global leaders/citizens. The Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility (CCSR) was established in 2013. The mission of the CCSR is to develop responsible global leaders/citizens that will be positive contributors to society and will work to combat important social issues listed above and become leaders in our society. We believe by providing the proper learning activities, we can: prevent students from becoming addicted to harmful substances, develop positive self-awareness, encourage teamwork and cooperation, improve self-esteem and develop leadership skills. We believe by incorporating real life experiences (PBL) for students to work on projects to help others will have a lasting positive effect on their self-image and understanding of others. The Center is working with school administration to develop a system-wide initiative to integrate social-emotional learning, citizenship, resiliency and social intelligence into the district curriculum and activities.      
  Presenters: Richard Trotta, Director of the CCSR, Michael Skorker, Lead Teacher of the CCSR, Medford Public Schools, Sarah Fard, Teacher  
  Facilitator:  Diane Caldwell  
  It Won’t Happen Without the Superintendent: Transformational Equity Leadership             Room   A132
  This workshop explores the critical leadership that superintendents provide in closing opportunity gaps and in transforming district cultures into genuinely equitable, culturally responsive and integrated learning communities.  In addition to discussing key leadership attributes, the workshop will offer specific teacher recruitment, parent engagement and opportunity gap closing strategies.   
  Presenters: Jon Sills, Bedford, Superintendent  
  Facilitator: Jon Sills  
  Empathy to Equity               Room A209
  The road to creating schools that embrace the diversity of all our staff and our students must first begin with a willingness to open our minds, challenge our norms and to embrace truths even when they challenge us. Empathy is the driver to equity. This workshop will engage us in a process that pushes us to lean on empathy so that we can strive to develop schools and districts that are grounded in racial and social justice and built on a foundation of inclusion.  
  Presenter: Joseph Corazzini, Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Diversity and Community Development  
  Facilitator: Joseph Corazzini  
  Project Here in the Field, An Educators’ Panel: Implementing Substance Use Prevention Education in MA Middle Schools Room B209
  Project Here is funded by the MA Office of the Attorney General and the GE Foundation to bring substance use prevention education resources to every public middle school in Massachusetts to equip teachers with tools to empower students to make healthy decisions. The dynamic panel of  Project Here program staff, middle school health educators, and administrators who use Project Here will explore how the program enables flexible use of resources (both the online Educational Toolkit & web-app, Project Here Games) to teach substance use prevention in and out of the classroom. The panelists will also elaborate on how the free program has had direct reach into schools and the positive impact of that reach on the students and communities.  
  Presenters: Ivy Schmalzried, Senior Program Manager, Project Here, Lauren Ansong, School Outreach Coordinator, Project Here, Other Panelists TBD  
  Facilitator:  Ivy Schmalzried  
  MSBA: New Revisions in Policies for Construction/Renovation                         Room B118
  Key leaders of the Massachusetts School Building Authority will share an informational update on the most effective approaches to accessing MSBA funding. Application eligibility, scheduling considerations, and implementation efficiency techniques for the various MSBA  support program endeavors (accelerated roof repair, green initiatives, model school designs, science laboratories, and vocational/technical renovations and repair) procedures will be shared and discussed.  
  Presenters: Jack McCarthy, Mass School Buildings Authority and Matt Donovan, Mass School Buildings Authority  
  Facilitator: Paul Andrews  
2:45 – 4:00pm (attend one) Roundtable Breakouts  
  Roundtable groups are provided the opportunity to shape the FY 2019-2020 meeting calendar and priorities. Collective input will enable Roundtable officers to build regional themes, respond to professional development needs, and advance strategic improvement plans. The gatherings will also establish an environment for further dialogue on educational reform issues, stimulus funding, readiness schools, leadership strategies and global education among other areas.  
Berkshire County                                                       Room B118
Connecticut Valley                                                     Room E 107
Merrimack Valley                                                      Room E 110
North Shore                                                                Room B 127
Old Colony                                                                   Room E 101
South Shore                                                                Room B 119
Tri-County                                                                    Room B 125
Worcester County                                                     Library  
 5:30pm-9:00pm Flying Bridge Reception for Conference Attendees Flying Bridge Restaurant Falmouth Harbor
  Sponsored By: Alpha Best, Edgenuity, HUB Technical Services, LLC, McGraw Hill Education, Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane, LLP, Renaissance, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates Shuttle to Flying Bridge Restaurant provided by: First Student  
  Facilitated by: Mike Malone, Former Superintendent  

Thursday, July 11, 2019

7:30am – 8:15am Registration and Breakfast                Cafeteria
  Sponsored by: Mirick O’Connell  
8:15am – 9:15am GENERAL SESSION 4 Auditorium
  Introduction: Paul Andrews, M.A.S.S. Director of Professional Development and Government Services  
  Erika Glaster, Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System, Executive Director  
  This session is vital for new and veteran superintendents who are in need of becoming familiar with the many changes and issues around retirement options as well as shaping initial or subsequent contractually defined remuneration. Erika will provide an insightful interpretation concerning the array of newly enacted pension reform measures and their effective timelines.  
9:15am – 10:15am GENERAL SESSION 5             
  Introduction: John Doherty, Chair, M.A.S.S. Professional Development Committee Auditorium
  Keynote Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, Founder and Executive Director of Science from Scientists, also featured on Lifetime, NPR, CBS and NOVA  
10:15am – 11:30am GENERAL SESSION 6 Auditorium
  Introduction: Tom Scott, M.A.S.S. Executive Director  
  Panel Discussion- 25 Years: Where do we go from here?  Issues Facing Educational Leaders in Today’s Schools  
  Commissioner Jeff Riley
Carolyn Casey, Founder and Executive Director of Project 351
Brad Jackson, President, M.A.S.S.
11:45am Lunch and Closing Remarks Cafeteria
  Sponsored by:  M.A.S.S.  

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