The Governor Speaks on a Proposed Plan to Assist in School Security


Burlington High School was the scene of a major announcement by Governor Charles Baker who appeared before a packed library area with over 45 superintendents and a similar number of police chiefs as he unveiled a proposed plan to assist in school security. The plan included a new security infrastructure moving forward listed below:

“Matching grants for school security and communications upgrades in K-12 and public higher education, aligned to recommendations by EOPSS:

  • Single-point of entry systems, including door-locks and magnetometers
  • Alarm systems and communications equipment to notify school personnel and first responders
  • Bullet-proof/shatter-proof glass
  • Cameras, surveillance equipment, and integrated software, tied to local police
  • Emergency medical equipment”

This plan and recommendations will be presented to the Legislature for action. House Chair Alice Peitch was present with other Legislators for the panel session that was presided over by M.A.S.S. Executive Director Tom Scott.  The Governor was greeted to Burlington by the Burlington High School band as he entered the school on the campus.

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