The Jetty—-Professional Development To Assist In Avoiding Obstacles (sound familiar)


No column of the JETTY is more on the mark than this one in terms of how good Professional Development programs can and will assist school leaders from hitting the JETTY as this column is titled.

The LEGAL COMMUNICATIONS webinar (Oct 15th) with Atty. Mike Long  is really focused on knowing how to build the right relationships at all levels with all groups so that you avoid the problems of saying the wrong thing at the time, which can be a source of great problems, as so often comments and reactions spread so quickly.

Communications with school committee members, principals, teachers and parents become so important, as do the relationships with local city or town officials. Most important outside of your presence are the words you say in your communications, verbal or in writing. Let me add communicating with students is always a great skill.

The second webinar this year is on CRISIS MANAGEMENT (Oct 26th) with two experienced professionals, providing our leaders the ways to prepare for such an event, a process to use at the time and a method to de-brief such an event. While we hope no crisis occurs, our school leaders are realists and preparation amounts to so much when, and if the time comes.

Local superintendent’s will often say they have a plan, which is great and hopefully many have attended our M.A.S.S. sessions and are ready, but as one of our members commented, “you are really never totally ready.”

My suggestion is one practiced by most good mariners, be aware to avoid the JETTY and any other blocks in knowing how to get in front of crisis communication and crisis issues that can happen.

My best,

Paul Andrews (M.A.S.S.)


JETTY defined as a “pier or structure of stones, piles or the like, projecting into the sea or other body of water to protect a harbor and deflect the current.”

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