The Jetty-MTRS Annual System Review


Each year Tom and I are invited to the MTRS System Review and Constituents Forum in the MTRS offices in the Hood Building in Charlestown.  Once again, we basically saw a great year for the MTRS system as we reviewed the PRIM Update, the PERAC Update, along with a summary review of the MTRS Management.

Basically, what we saw was a great growth in funds and some good signs from Michael Trotsky of PRIM with some summary accomplishments including: strong relative and absolute investment performance, exceptional staff with low turnover, national recognition for PRIM and its staff, Project SAVE, timely asset allocation , a re-engineered Hedge Fund program, an enhanced  manager search and selection process, a private equity co-investment, direct real estate and a deployed risk management platform and framework.

There was a review of the PRIT Fund performance that was excellent, as well as discussion of the status of the Asset Class Performance Summary.

Hearing all the reports, you are left with the strength of MTRS, the security of the funds and the strong control, understanding, direction of the Board and Chairman Jeff Wulfson and Executive Director Erika Glaster, as they guide the retirement process and especially both the maintenance and growth of MTRS.

Most enlightening and reassuring,

Paul (M.A.S.S.)

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