Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (M.A.S.S.) Releases Statement on COVID-19



Our superintendents are facing uncharted times. COVID-19 has created major disruptions to our way of life as we see many organizations, businesses and education communities changing daily operations.

During the past two weeks, we have seen increasing concerns with the care and well being of our populations. In our schools, superintendents are hearing from parents, local Board of Health and community medical experts. As such, our superintendents are in close communication with neighboring colleagues and other resources as they consider next steps in their decision making.

Unfortunately, during the past two weeks, we have received little or no guidance from state and federal organizations.  In the lack of clear, definitive guidelines, the Superintendents are collaborating to provide leadership during this critical time and to ensure the safety and well being of their communities.

Yesterday, superintendents in various areas of the Commonwealth used local information and decided to close schools for 1 – 2 weeks until we have more understanding of how Coronavirus evolves. Many additional schools will be exercising this decision today and early next week. M.A.S.S. has supported these decisions. Our superintendents have no higher priority than student safety. These closures will allow the opportunity to evaluate local conditions and allow the medical community time to better advise future decisions.

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