WATCH the FULL Project 351 Student Perspective Panel – “Where do we go from here?” – It is hopeful, candid, and truly powerful! #TheStudentVoice


The re-opening of the 2020-2021 school year has many challenges during the period of COVID-19. Many technical, logistical and medical advisors will play a major roll in any return to school.

A far more complex issue that will last well beyond COVID-19 is how we choose, as a society and within our school classroom, to deal with the issues of equity and racial injustice. The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents held a day of learning and self reflection on the challenges and responsibilites to change the trajectory of this insidious pandemic.

Within our program we welcomed a student panel from Project 351 to share. their thoughts and perspectives on “Where Do We Go From Here?” Their conversation with superintendents was moving and impactful. Their insights can instruct all of us as we look for pathways forward.

We invite you to watch and learn with us!

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