M.A.S.S. Announces 2021 Mid-Winter Speaker


We are very excited to have Marc Brackett return as the  keynote for our MASS Mid-Winter meeting on January 21. Marc  is an outstanding presenter on the emotional issues we all face and he is in demand during the stressful times of the past year. Marc will help us find perspective and tools to help manage the challenges we are all facing.

TITLE: Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Practice at Work for District Leaders: Meeting the Challenges Today

Emotions can either hurt or help us. In this presentation Marc will describe how people can harness the wisdom of emotions to enhance decision making, leadership skills, relationships, well-being, workplace creativity, and organizational performance, especially during stressful times. Marc will also teach the emotional intelligence framework developed at Yale, which includes five key skills that have been shown to help people achieve greater personal and professional success.

January 21st 9:30AM – 11:30AM
Virtually –
$100 per person member district, $30 per retired  


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