Where Do We Go From Here? – M.A.S.S. Thoughts


Yesterday, we all witnessed events in our Capitol that were unimaginable. This is a time when we all have the responsibility to step back and reflect on how did we get to this place and how we go forward to preserve and build on the democracy we all love and cherish. 
Public education is the bed rock of our democratic values. Schools are places where we instill values and civic responsibility. Our Founding Fathers built our country for us to continuously learn, grow, and improve. We now must return to that commitment of learning, growing, and improving; and, by doing so, we show our students that yesterday is not who we are, and yesterday is not where we will stay.  It is through our schools and our conversations with our students that we will build a stronger, more just, more inclusive, more tolerant, and more equitable country. We will seek, as educators, to build a stronger human community in this, these United States of America. These conversations with our students begin today.  

Thank you to our superintendents for sharing these resources: 

  1. Talking to your children about Violence: Tips for Parents and Educators
  2. Resources for Teachers on the days after the attack on the U.S. Capitol
  3. “What’s In Your News?” Lesson from Being the Change

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