Don’t Forget to Register: 2024 IDEAS Annual Educator Conference

Join us on Saturday, April 27th for a full day conference focusing on Anti-Racist education
with Key Note Speaker, Tim Wise

Conference Theme: Anti-Racist Education in an Age of Resistance

The IDEAS Instructors invite you to join IDEAS/M.A.S.S. members and our Keynote speaker, anti-racist educator Tim Wise, as we continue to work together towards creating equity, inclusion, belonging and justice for all our students. 

Tim’s presentation will focus on providing strategies for staying committed in an age of book bannings and political backlash.  He will share examples of structural changes and institutional norms that promote equity. IDEAS instructors, with our many years experience doing DEIB work in and outside the classroom, will offer a choice of workshops with strategies you can apply to your practice.  Participants will walk away from this experience with tangible tools for moving meaningful DEIB work forward.

A variety of conferences and panels are scheduled throughout the day.  Click here for the full conference agenda and a complete list of conference sessions.

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