M.A.S.S. Assistant Superintendent Mentor Program

The M.A.S.S. Mentor Program for New Assistant Superintendents is designed to complement ASLS (Assistant Superintendent Leadership Seminars).  We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced Assistant Superintendents who are eager to assist you in enhancing your skills in strategic leadership, reflective practice, and establishing strong relationships with all of your stakeholders.  The mission of our M.A.S.S. Assistant Superintendent mentoring program is to maximize your potential to become an integral member of the school community and leadership team.

ASLS focuses on strategic leadership, building networks with your colleagues, and reflective conversations through a seminar format.  As a complement to this network, our Mentor Program will provide you with additional one-on-one support and feedback to address your ongoing needs and questions within your individual context.  

If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please reach out to Co-Leaders Dr. Christine Francis (cmfrancis82@gmail.com) and/or Dr. Maureen Cohen (mcohen@mursd.org).

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Mentor Program is open to first-year and second-year Assistant Superintendents who are registered for ASLS I, or who were in ASLS I in 2022-2023.  The program offers mentors in the roles of Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources, and Special Education.  The cost is $2500.  

To register, please complete the form below.  After registration, either Dr. Francis or Dr. Cohen will contact you to get more information that will help them make the best possible match for you.  Every effort will be made to assign all applicants to a mentor within one week from registration.  Matches will be made based on criteria such as the mentee’s job responsibilities and goals, in addition to size, type and location of district.

Registration now open for 2023-2024!


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