RN- classroom nurse


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The classroom nurse provides comprehensive nursing care and support to medically fragile children within the school setting. Working collaboratively with educators, healthcare providers, therapists, and families, the classroom nurse ensures the safety, well-being, and medical needs of students are met to facilitate their academic and developmental progress. Responsibilities include administering medications, monitoring students’ vital signs and overall health status, specialized care for students with complex medical needs (tube feedings, chest PT, suctioning, etc.), health assessments and screenings, collaboration and effective communication with healthcare providers and interdisciplinary team members to ensure coordinated care and develop and implement individual healthcare plans, educating students, families, and staff members on health promotion, disease prevention, and safety practice, maintaining accurate and up-to-date medical records, including health assessments, treatment plans, medication administration logs, seizure logs, and incident reports, documentation of observations, assessments, interventions, and outcomes in accordance with organizational policies, development and implementation of emergency response plans, and maintenance of emergency equipment, supplies, and medication.


To apply for this job email your details to ajewell@bicounty.org

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