Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services – Melrose Public Schools


Melrose Public Schools

Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services

The Assistant Superintendent directs all Pupil Personnel Services programming, including special education, nursing, and guidance within the District. They ensure compliance with Special Education laws and regulations at both the State and Federal level. They manage and support, with principals, all special education personnel. Funding opportunities are sought via State, Federal, and private grant applications to support innovative programs that enhance the educational process within the Melrose Public Schools. They serve as advisor to faculty members and other staff on a variety of special education and civil rights issues.

Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent license

Special Education Administrator license

Successful completion of a background check

Reports To: Superintendent

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Supervises and evaluates Special Education Coordinators, Out of District Coordinator, and Director of Guidance

Mentors Principals in the support of equitable special education programming, Multi-tiered Support System, instructional leadership, and management of student data to make informed decisions and ensure equity and access for all students

Identifies, writes, and manages competitive and noncompetitive grant opportunities

Develops, prepares, and administers the Pupil Personnel Services budget

Monitors preparation of Circuit Breaker submission

Monitors preparation of Medicaid reimbursement

Ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws, and regulations in regards to special education and civil rights

Monitors staff caseloads and student progress

Support allocation of staff to meet students needs including identification of paraprofessional needs across schools

Coordinates monthly training for paraprofessionals

Ongoing monitoring of staff to ensure compliance with federal timelines, written notice requirements, etc.

Present as decision-maker/case preparer for all rejected IEPs through the mediation process and formal hearing; works closely with school and parent attorneys to negotiate settlement agreements

Assists in recruitment, selection, and recommendation for the hiring of diverse Pupil Personnel Services staff

Chairs search committees for District administrative positions as directed by the Superintendent

Participates in contract negotiations, as directed by Superintendent

Consultation with staff, parents, and outside agencies regarding Pupil Personnel Services, special education students, and programs offered including ongoing collaboration with the District SEPAC and other parent organizations

Anticipates programming needs and develops programs to meet students’ needs in the least restrictive environment

Development of Instructional Student Support Team (ISST) in all buildings, training staff, technical support of staff, to support a tiered level of student support activities in all buildings prior to referral to determine eligibility for special education services including active monitoring of the District’s implementation of its multi-tiered system of supports.

Collaborates with District committees including the Wellness Committee

Responsible for accepting, logging, and assigning all referrals submitted for evaluation and maintaining a system-wide register of all students referred, evaluated, terminated, and currently in service and maintaining this information within the student data management system

Coordinates and manages home services for students on the Autism Spectrum

Coordinates all special education summer services

Develops and maintains complete and cumulative individual paper records of all children receiving special education services

Serves as the District’s point of contact for children identified under McKinney-Vento or foster care

Coordinates all tutoring required as a result of hospitalizations or extended medical care needed at home

Ensures compliance with Massachusetts Laws related to school attendance/discipline issues/compliance with Student Record Regulations, provides in-service training and technical support on Student Record Regulations

Assists in the development of all school policies, as directed by the Superintendent

Participates in the development of District’s Strategic Plan and monitors the implementation of the plan and provides updates to School Committee

Assists with investigations involving civil rights violations, bullying, and harassment

Organizes, plans, and delivers professional development, mandatory trainings for educators, paraprofessionals, and other service providers

Stay current regarding evidence-based practices, policies, and procedures by engaging in high quality, relevant professional develop and trainings

Ensure sound fiscal practices and compliance with State and Federal regulations and District policies and provide necessary training to ensure staff compliance

Coordinates and leads the District before and after school programs

Responsible for city-wide Child Find efforts, as required by special education regulations

Works with Central Administration to prepare for annual city-wide pre-school and Kindergarten screening

Works with Coordinator of Transportation on budget, staffing, and student transportation provisions needed to accommodate students

Provides annual training for van drivers

Performs any other duties as directed by the Superintendent

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