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Plans, develops, and coordinates the delivery of instructional and ancillaryservices to NPS students who are speakers of other languages or who have limited English proficiency for grades preK-12. Coordinates the provision of interpretation and translation services. Coordinates parent education and community outreach activities.


  1. Licensure in Massachusetts with endorsement as School Supervisor/Director and as Teacher in English as a Second Language, preK-12
  2. Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, or a related field. Course work should include English as a second language, bilingual education, linguistics, and/or cross-cultural studies.
  3. Experience in school administration at the central office or building level preferred
  4. A minimum of five years of successful teaching experience as a teacher of English as a second language
  5. Thorough knowledge of the research, principles, and techniques for teaching English Language Learners
  6. Knowledge of federal, state, and local legislation dealing with limited English proficient students.
  7. Experience in administering, analyzing, and interpreting formative and summative EL program data
  8. Experience in identifying and establishing Professional Development activities for school staff.
  9. Ability to work collaboratively with federal, state, and local agencies focused on initiatives for limited English proficient students
  10. Experience in grant writing, specifically Title III of the ESEA
  11. Multilingual skills and bicultural background highly desirable
  12. Excellent organizational skills


  1. Directs all programs related to the instruction of students identified as English Learners.
  2. Coordinates the entry/exit process for English Learners and implements transition services.
  3. Supervises the implementation of existing, new, and revised curriculum, ensuring compliance with state and federal expectations.
  4. Recommends new approaches, programs and techniques as needed to ensure high student achievement for English Learners
  5. Identifies necessary and appropriate resources and materials for classroom instruction and maintains a comprehensive inventory of all instructional materials used by the District.
  6. Supervises and evaluates EL instructional teachers and supporting services staff
  7. Prepares an annual operating budget, with such supporting data as are necessary for clarification to the Superintendent and to the School Committee.
  8. Writes and manages federal and state grants related to Services for English Language Learners, including but not limited to Title III grant.
  9. Keeps abreast of local, state, and national developments to effect changes in operations, providing leadership in bringing effective, innovative programs into the school district.
  10. Works with administrative team to plan and conduct professional development, building the capacity of EL and non-EL teachers and administrators to support the linguistic and academic content needs of English Learners.
  11. Coordinates SEI Endorsement courses for NPS staff
  12. Monitors the certification of District EL staff to ensure that the district is compliant with Department of Education requirements.
  13. Collaborates with the Director of Special Services for the referral, identification and assessment of English Learners who may have special needs and serves, as needed, as a member of MTSS or IEP teams.
  14. Prepares reports and serves as liaison to the Massachusetts Department of Education (DESE) around English Learner education.
  15. Coordinates the development and dissemination of reports and information relative to the program for staff, parents, administration, School Committee, and the community at-large.
  16. Plans, develops, and coordinates parent and community outreach activities and programs.
  17. Develops business and community collaborations.
  18. Recommends and implements the district’s policies and procedures around EL services.
  19. Maintains accurate, complete records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulation.
  20. Participates in district leadership team and School Committee meetings as required.
  21. Performs related work as required.

EVALUATION:  Performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools.

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