Commissioner Jeff Riley Addresses Listening & Visiting Schools


Recently appointed Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Jeff Riley made an inspiring presentation to the Spring Meeting of M.A.S.S. in recent days as he commented on his current efforts “to get out around the State and to listen to people on the issues that need to be addressed.”  He commented on the need to build some collaborative thinking as well as to have “some authentic conversations.”

Commissioner Riley commented on the need to look at the mental health issues that are becoming so much a factor in today’s education.  He added that once you as a leader start something, others will follow.  He cautioned all leaders to make sure that they take time for themselves in these difficult positions. Commenting that “the time has come to see where we are going, as we need a moment to breathe and see what things look like as we begin to make a plan,’ commenting that “we really need to pay particular attention to the issues of teaching and learning” as we move forward saying “the one size fits all mentality does not work.”

Commissioner Riley praised the efforts of all school leaders and expressed an interest to work closely with M.A.S.S as he continues doing his “listening tour” around the State and begins to focus on the work for the year ahead.

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