‘Human infrastructure,’ paired with adequate funding, would ‘change the fabric’ of our cities


Michael Angelini of Bowditch & Dewey shared his thoughts at a recent roundtable press briefing and discussed the formation of gateway cities and how students, communities, and the Commonwealth as a whole are being cheated of an adequate education and all that comes with it. Watch the full video below.

“We don’t spend enough time or money dealing with what is our most important infrastructure…our human infrastructure. The gateway cities will educate the people who will provide the infrastructure for this country … Unless this (education funding disparity) is fixed – some of you will live at a time where we are at that point – and that will change the culture of our society, it will change the fabric of our cities, it will change the lives that we’ve all enjoyed, and it will be a disastrous situation.”

Michael Angelini, Chairman of Bowditch & Dewey

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