Massachusetts Learning Guidance was “VERY COMPREHENSIVE” using criteria from MIT’s Teaching Systems Lab


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Teaching Systems Lab reviewed state education agency guidance to identify areas of consensus and emerging practices. In the report “Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A First Look”, they provide recommendations and best practices for state education agencies providing remote learning guidance during COVID-19 school closures. ( )

With most of the country moving to remote learning, Massachusetts fulfills 16 out of 21 criteria outlined in the report.

MA’s early guidance was very comprehensive. Read more from Justin Reich about it at HERE. “Massachusetts leadership in this regard had been very helpful to other states.”

View the MIT Analysis: HERE

Edited April 21, 2020 from original post based on feedback from author Justin Reich, “When examining these data, we discourage readers from inferring that an absence of guidance from a particular state on a particular issue represents an absence of concern from those state policymakers on that issue. State agencies may be communicating with local education agencies outside of website communications; they may be listening to stakeholders and preparing guidance; and our research team may have simply missed guidance among the hundreds of web pages that we read over five days.”

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