The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Releases New Guidance for Remote Learning


On April 24th, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Commissioner Jeff Riley released new guidance for remote learning titled: “Strengthening Our Remote Learning Experience.”

“We know that the shift to remote learning is challenging. I am impressed and grateful at how quickly districts, schools, educators, and support staff rose to the challenge and launched updated remote learning plans. While much work remains, students are connecting with educators and learning remotely, families are supporting this work, and all of us are adjusting to a new and evolving reality.”

” This document builds on the initial guidance released on March 26, with a deeper focus on two areas:

• Further defining the recommended elements of a quality remote learning program, including a focus on teaching the content standards most critical for student success in the next grade level.

• Encouraging districts to move all students towards successful engagement in remote learning, with a focus on addressing fundamental needs. “

M.A.S.S. will continue to work with DESE and the Commissioner to support the districts in Massachusetts as we continue to navigate this new way of learning. We are very proud of our districts and the work they are doing for the students of Massachusetts. We with meet these challenges together.

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