IDEAS: DEI Anti-Racism Certificate Program

IDEAS now offers a Certificate Program in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Anti-Racism. The 120-hour program is provided in conjunction with Framingham State University.


All educators are welcome to apply. Applicants could include (but are not limited to): Teachers, Principals, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, DEI Directors, METCO Directors, Department Chairs, and Team Leaders. 



Required IDEAS courses: 

  • IDEAS 1: Anti-Racist School Practices to Support the Success of All Students (30 hour two-credit course)
  • Anti-Racist DEI Best Practices (30 hour two-credit course consisting of 8 modules meeting once per month; must be taken only after completing IDEAS 1)
  • Difficult Conversations (15 hour one-credit course) 
  • Transforming Curriculum (15 hour one-credit course)

30 hours from the following IDEAS courses or seminars (recommended to be taken when available):

  • Strategies for Examining and Addressing the Academic Achievement Gap (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Co-Teaching with a Culturally Responsive Lens Gap (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Building Bridges (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Putting Culture into Culturally Responsive Teaching (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Building School Leaders (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Understanding Self Efficacy (15 hour one-credit course)
  • Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher (6 hour seminar)
  • Teaching About Native Americans (6 hour seminar)
  • The N-Word (6 hour seminar)

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