IDEAS: Additional Services

Schools and districts that are IDEAS members have access to the services listed on the Membership page, including priority registration for graduate courses, seminars, and conferences.

In addition, membership provides the following services: 

Coaching, Consulting, and Strategic Planning

It is important for school districts and other organizations to develop comprehensive strategic plans in their goal of becoming anti-racist institutions. IDEAS inter-racial teams can meet with Leadership to help formulate both short- and long-term goals. 

IDEAS consultants can serve as coaches to support districts in reaching their goals. For example, IDEAS consultants may:

  • serve on already established K-12 committees, such as the Equity Audit Committee, Cultural Competency Committee, and Professional Development Committee;
  • support Curriculum Coordinators in reviewing curriculum for bias;
  • mentor new administrators in the area of anti-bias;
  • support district DEI Directors;
  • attend department meetings, faculty meetings, and/or School Committee meetings and give constructive feedback through an anti-bias lens;
  • help develop professional development in critical areas such as unconscious bias, reviewing literature for bias, and courageous conversations;
  • consult with individual educators around supporting students from marginalized groups;

Most importantly, IDEAS consultants have the expertise and resources to help districts over time to develop the internal capacity to continue this lifelong work independently.

Affinity Group for Educators of Color

MAALANA educators are Multiracial, Asian, Arab, African Descent, Latino/a, and/or Native American teachers, advisors, counselors, administrators, staff, and tutors who are the “only” or “one of few” of their “affinity group” in their building or school system. We see all interactions as “cross cultural communications” and like to meet with other educators of color to talk about students of color. Facilitated by Claudia Fox Tree. For more information, please contact Karen Thomsen:

Affinity Group for White Educators

If you are a white person who aspires to be an ally in the struggle for racial justice, you must start with yourself. This affinity group will provide an opportunity for white educators to gain new insights in their identity by engaging in conversations on the various interpersonal dynamics, beliefs, and thoughts that shape their experiences and to build community with other white people. This group will meet monthly via Zoom beginning in January 2023, usually on the first Thursday of each month from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Facilitated by Patrick Larkin. For more information, please contact Karen Thomsen:

Book Group

The IDEAS Book Group provides an opportunity for educators from IDEAS and districts to meet and share thoughts on the selected books and to discuss how they relate to educational practices and current events. Click here for more information.

Student Conferences

IDEAS member districts are invited to send students to the annual middle and high school student conferences. Both conferences engage students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds in conversations on issues of racism, stereotypes, discrimination, and ally behavior. Click here for more information.

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