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Affinity Groups

MAALANA educators are Multiracial, Asian, Arab, African Descent, Latino/a, and/or Native American teachers, advisors, counselors, administrators, staff, and tutors who are the “only” or “one of few” of their “affinity group” in their building or school system. We see all interactions as “cross cultural communications” and like to meet with other educators of color to talk about students of color. For more information, please contact Claudia Fox Tree at

Book Club

The IDEAS Book group provides an opportunity for educators from IDEAS and districts to meet and share thoughts on the selected books and to discuss how they relate to educational practices and current events. Click Here to Learn More.

Student Conferences

IDEAS member districts are invited to send students to the annual middle and high school student conferences. Both conferences engage students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds in conversations on issues of racism, stereotypes, discrimination, and ally behavior. Click here for more information.

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