IDEAS: Workshops

IDEAS provides customized workshops to teams of educators from a single school or district. The IDEAS team will work with administrators to design and deliver sessions of varying lengths (half-day, full day, multiple days) to meet the needs, expectations, and budget of your organization.

The following is a partial list of workshops IDEAS has conducted for school districts across the Commonwealth:

  • Aspects of Identity: Implications for Practice
  • Black Girl Magic or Black Girl Tragic? The Decriminalization of Black and Brown Girls
  • Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms
  • Creatively Breaking the Cycle of Oppression
  • DEI for School Committee Members
  • Disrupting Deficit Narratives: Developing Positive Self Images and Academic Identities
  • Diversifying School Staff
  • Enacting Systemic Change in Educational Institutions
  • From Early Messages to Unconscious Bias to Microaggressions
  • How to Talk about Race and Racism
  • Identifying and Addressing Bias Based Comments in the School Setting
  • Linking Student Learning and Family Engagement
  • Modern Forms of Racism
  • Moving Beyond White Fragility
  • The Power of Storytelling as a Teaching Tool
  • SEL and DEI Practices to Create Safe and Welcoming Learning Environments
  • Strategies to Transform Difficult Moments into Connective Conversations
  • Teaching Young Children about Bias, Diversity and Social Justice
  • Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions
  • Using Action Research to Improve your Educational Practice
  • What is Privilege?
  • What is Stereotype Threat?
  • White Privilege: Are We Ready to Walk the Walk?
  • Whose History Matters? A Reflection on First Nations Stereotypes and Myths

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