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1.       Bachelor’s degree in business management or accounting, MBA or related degree preferred.

2.       Minimum of three years experience in a Business Manager role or related position.

3.       DESE license as a School Business Manager preferred.

4.       Accounting experience preferred.

5.       MCPPO Designation- preferred (must be obtained within the first year of employment)

6.       Excellent organizational and communication skills.

7.       Experience with public school or collaborative business procedures preferred.

8.       Experience in supervising and training support staff.

9.       Experience in grants management.

10.    Demonstrated proficiency in the use of Excel and Microsoft Office, accounting practices including fund accounting and computer operations in a network environment. Proficiency in the use of the Google suite of products preferred as well.

11.    Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate.

II.       LENGTH OF POSITION:      12 Months

III.     SUPERVISES:       Business Office Staff, Medicaid Personnel,                                                          Transportation Coordinator, Facilities/Maintenance/Custodial Staff

IV.       REPORTS TO:                       Executive Director


The Director of Business Services coordinates and oversees the daily management of the business affairs of the collaborative and maintains records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

A.  Fiscal

1.   Assists the Executive Director and other administrative staff in the development of the annual budget and provides input regarding long-range financial planning.

2.   Maintains appropriate and effective fiscal procedures to assure the most efficient budget controls including maintaining general ledger and financial statements.

3.   Assumes direct responsibility for collaborative purchasing and preparation of vouchers payable for the expenditure of collaborative funds.

4.   Serves as the Collaborative’s Chief Procurement Officer implements and monitors a program of accounting that ensures proper recording of receipts and expenditures to conform to Commonwealth Chapter 30B Procurement Law and auditing requirements.

5.       Prepares monthly fiscal reports for the Board of Directors

6.   Responsible for the annual fiscal audit including providing necessary documentation.

7.   Assumes responsibility for bidding procedures when necessary.

8.   Maintains accounts and works with Treasurer to ensure reconciliation of bank statements promptly.

9.   Works to advise the Executive Director on tuition, transportation, district service, and professional  development rate adjustments.

10.  Monitors thresholds for profitability of all departments within the collaborative and communicates this information to the Executive Director on a monthly basis.

B.  Accounts Receivable and Payable
Supervise accounts receivable and accounts payable functions including:

1.   Issuing tuition, itinerant services, transportation, and miscellaneous bills.

2.       Oversee the processing of A/P invoices and paying vendors promptly.

3.       Monitoring accounts for payment and pursue overdue accounts.

4.       Preparation of warrants for the disbursement of collaborative funds.

C.  Payroll

Act as Payroll Officer for the Collaborative including supervision of the Payroll Accountant and monitoring of payroll functions.

1.   Ensure employees receive payroll checks promptly.

2.   Ensure employment taxes are paid.

3.    Ensure compliance with State Retirement and Massachusetts Teacher’s Retirement programs.

4.    Ensure quarterly reports are properly filed.

D.    Medicaid Reimbursement Program

Responsible for monitoring Phase I and Phase II Medicaid Reimbursement Program including:

1.   Bill for participating members.

2.   Supervise the Medicaid personnel.

3.   Provide support to maximize billing.

E.   Equipment

1.   Purchase equipment and supplies necessary for the proper operation of the collaborative and maintain a current and efficient inventory system

2.   Responsible for the maintenance, lease agreements and service contracts of office equipment including copy machines, FAX machines, telephones, postage meter, etc.

F.    Administrative

1.   Advise Executive Director regarding issues of compliance with federal and state laws

2.   Advise the Executive Director of the cost implications of any program changes including student enrollment, expansions, or innovations.

3.    Analyze cost patterns and trends and report findings to the Executive Director when appropriate.

4.   Attend Board of Director’s meetings as requested to report on fiscal or budgetary issues.

G.  Personnel

1.   Assist in recruitment, interviewing and selection of business office staff.

2.       Provide supervision, evaluation, and overall management of business office personnel.

3.       Plan appropriate in-service training for staff.

H.  Leases and Facilities

1.   Responsible for oversight of facilities, custodial and maintenance services.

2.   Work with the Executive Director to develop lease agreements with school districts for programs and Administrative Offices.

I.   North River School and Conference Center – 525 Beech Street Building

Maintain the 525 Beech Street facility in order to provide quality programming and professional development.

1.  Maintenance and upkeep of the facility and surrounding grounds.

2.   Oversee, supervise, and evaluate (along with the North River School Program Director) the custodial staff.

3.  Hire and monitor vendors and subcontractors.

4.  Provide sufficient insurance and security to cover the facility and programming, in case of accident or peril.

5.  Update Executive Director on matters regarding 525 Beech Street.

J.   Transportation-Network

Oversee the transportation network to ensure that NRC provides a superior transportation service at a reasonable and fair price to school districts.

1.    Advise and keep Executive Director informed on all matters of importance regarding the transportation network, including but not limited to the items listed below.

2.    Meet regularly with the Transportation Coordinator to discuss and review optimal routes, vehicle maintenance and procurement, personnel, students, school districts, private schools, revenue and expense projections, and safety concerns.

3.   Prepare cost analysis regarding lease/buy decisions, as necessary.

4.  Purchase/Lease vehicles and equipment in accordance with state and federal regulations.

5.   Attend meetings, as required, that pertain or may have implications regarding the transportation network.

6.   Monitor revenue/expenses throughout the year and prepare cost projections.

7.   Evaluate Transportation Coordinator.

K.  Grants Management

1.   Oversee grant expenditures to ensure compliance with grant specifications.

2.   Monitor grant income and expenses.

3.   Prepare and submit amendments as needed.

4.   Prepare and submit required fiscal reports for grant programs.

5.   Oversee and prepare for audit if necessary.

L.  Insurance

Manage of the collaborative’s insurance programs including:

1.   Health Insurance Trust Fund

2.       General and Professional Liability Coverage

3.       Property Insurance

4.       Board of Director’s Liability Insurance

M. Professional Development

1.   Develop an Individual Professional Development Plan in cooperation with the Executive Director that aligns with overall collaborative goals.

2.  Assume responsibility for own professional growth by attending workshops or seminars to keep up to date regarding legal changes, research findings or best practices in the area of business management.

3.  Maintain a cooperative purchasing group relationship utilizing MOEC, MASBO and Business Manager’s Job-A-Like Group.

Application Deadline: May 22, 2023

Please send resume, names and contact information of three current professional references, and copy of any current licenses/certifications.

Kelli O’Brien McKinnon

Human Resource Coordinator

North River Collaborative

198 Spring St.

Rockland, MA 02370

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