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South Hadley Superintendent Job Description

The South Hadley School Committee is seeking an exemplary leader to serve as the next Superintendent of Schools. South Hadley Public Schools is committed to providing students with a well rounded education that promotes academics, athletics and extracurricular achievement. Our district is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of student development
and achievement. South Hadley is committed to enhancing our diversity, equity and inclusion practices and continued growth in social and emotional learning. Our public schools are a point of pride in our community and residents are very engaged in the student experience.
The district is looking for a visionary leader with the ability to inspire and innovate, create a diverse educational experience, promote skills for lifelong learning and maintain a standard of excellence in teaching and learning. The superintendent must demonstrate a strong ability and
commitment to collaborating and communicating with key stakeholders including the administrative team, staff, parents, guardians, students and all community members while building a sense of cohesion and unity.

Desirable leadership qualities Accessible Communicator

● Strong leadership and communication skills
● Accessible to staff, students and the community
● Highly visible and inclusive management style
● Proven experience in leading and mentoring a successful administrative team
● Solid record of fostering a collaborative environment
● Proven ability to collaborate effectively with School Committee and Union
Visionary Educational Leader
● Dedication to maintaining high-quality academic opportunities for students
● Innovative thinking and openness to new approaches to teaching and learning
● Active engagement for promoting 21st century skills and qualities for lifelong learning
● Commitment to supporting and inspiring excellent teaching
● Experience in curriculum development and program management
● Dedication to expanding diverse cultural representation in academic materials and
academic concepts
● Commitment to providing equity for all learners
● Demonstrated knowledge of Special Education programing
Inclusive, Student Centered Advocate
● Strong advocate of supporting the social-emotional needs of students
● Dedication to providing a healthy learning environment
● Promotion of an overall environment of respect and equality
● Commitment to embrace and promote the diversity of our community
● Commitment to meet the needs of all students
Experienced Administrator and Strategic Planner
● Experience with district wide personnel management
● Proven strong management and evaluation of administrative staff
● Demonstrated skills in budget planning and implementation
● Proven experience with strategic planning, implementation and oversight
● Demonstrated experience in capital planning
● Expertise in managing space and resources with changing enrollment

Superintendent certification required
Graduate degree required, doctorate preferred
Leadership experience required

Salary range:
Full Fringe Benefit Plan Negotiable

Application packets must include:
1. Online application
2. Resume
3. Three letters of recommendation
4. Professional references
5. Graduate school transcripts
6. Statement of Educational Philosophy
7. Statement of your philosophical belief about diversity, equity and inclusion in education and how that impacts your leadership.

Return application packets:
● Electronically to Ann-marie Martin ( ).
● Applications must be received by MASC not later than 3 p.m. on October 9th. Late
application will not be accepted.

To apply for this job please visit

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