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M.A.S.S. Technical Assistance Guide

This Guide was developed to support superintendents in meeting the many technical challenges associated with the role. The Guide includes information on transitioning into the role as a new superintendent and how to take full advantage of the annual M.A.S.S. Executive Institute and the Joint MASC/M.A.S.S Conference. The Guide also includes sections on building effective partnerships with the school committee and the teacher union. Other sections detail school finance and budget development, legal issues and personnel.  The final sections provide guidance on conducting the annual superintendent evaluation and some strategies for building capacity as the educational leader. (please copy link and put in a new window)

  1. MA Guide Overview
  2. Table of Contents
  3. A Good Beginning: Planning for a Successful Transition
  4. M.A.S.S. Resources Guide
  5. SC-Supt Collaboration – MASC Beginning the Work Together
  6. MASC Role of the Chair Guide
  7. MASC On Board Training for New SC Members
  8. MASC Evolving Issues in Governance
  9. More Resources on SC
  10. Sample Annual SC Calendar
  11. Joint Conference Guidance
  12. Collective Bargaining Guidance revised
  13. Resources Labor Management Collaboration
  14. Labor Management Toolkit MEP
  15. Research supporting Labor Management Collaboration (Rubinstein)
  16. Primer on School Finance
  17. Questions to Ask Finance Ops
  18. Strategic Abandonment Tool for Budgeting
  19. Pitfalls for New Superintendents
  20. Questions to Ask About Personnel
  21. Superintendent Evaluation Framework and Forms
  22. Standards and Indicators for Superintendent Evaluation
  23. DESE Model Protocol for School Visits
  24. Superintendent as Instructional Leader (Saphier)
  25. Meeting Checklist
  26. Ground Rules for Meetings (Meetingsift)
  27. Questions to Ask to Monitor Progress
  28. Management 101 Refresher from AMA
  29. DESE Resources for Improvement
  30. MASBO Regional School District Guide
  31. MASBO Regional School District Guidebook Table of Contents
  32. New Superintendent Manual
  33. Pitfalls for New Superintendents
  34. Session Description Orientation Program Letter
  36. Superintendent and Educational Collaborative Responsibilities
  37. EI Primer 2022 Draft
  38. A Good Beginning for Assistant Superintendents

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